Grant Opportunities FAQs

QAre there any key areas that you look for when reviewing a grant proposal?

A. The Foundation is particularly interested in measurable patient outcomes. We want to see that the funds are directly benefiting an underserved population and that the program is sustainable beyond Foundation funding.  We are interested in innovative pilot programs that address neglected community needs.  We seek out those organizations that take a comprehensive view of addressing these needs and show creativity and resourcefulness in identifying revenue sources.

Q. When will I know if our grant request is funded?

A. Each grant is vetted for completeness before being shared with the Review Committee; which meets within 30 days of the grant deadline.  Upon completion of the review, a site visit may be requested.  A site visit request usually means that the grant is being given serious consideration. However, if the Foundation is familiar with the agency and its programs, a site visit is not required. The Review Committee then makes a recommendation to the Board for approval and the requesting agency is notified.  Those not funded are also notified at the same time.

Q. What types of requests are not considered?

A. The Foundation does not fund event sponsorships, ads, or requests for special individual needs.  We focus on 501©3 organizations, schools, and health-related scholarships.  We do not fund requests from for-profit organizations, or nonprofit organizations with access to sizable endowments/income.  We do not fund requests for “budget relief” particularly as it relates to personnel costs.  We also do not fund bricks and mortar requests but do consider equipment needs.

Q. What if I’m not sure if our request fits with your mission and focus areas?

A. If you are a nonprofit 501©3 and your organization has a patient-focused proposal, but you are not sure if it fits with our current categories, please send an inquiry to us at before you apply.  We do have funds set aside for emerging health care needs and your proposal may be a fit.